• Software Development

    Custom designed and developed software, tailored to each client's specific needs. We work with our clients to identify the business process and procedures already in place, and design a product around these procedures to simplify the process.

  • System Integration

    Often, an existing system or program is required to interface with a secondary system or export data. We develop solutions to interface between the systems, providing translation and transportation services to proprietary data.

  • Web Design and Development

    The platform of the future is the web. Many clients are moving away from costly desktop applications toward a scalable online solution for their applications. With modern technologies such as AJAX and Flash, web applications can be as clean and friendly as their desktop counterparts, while providing deployment, scalability, and management benefits.

  • Process Architecture

    Sometimes, the way a process has been run in the past doesn't make sense for the future. We analyze the bigger picture—not only the existing process, but where it fits into the entire scope of our client's business. By rearchitecting processes and procedures, considerable time and overhead can often be saved.

  • Data Management

    Business data can grow at an exponential rate. As more data is collected, it becomes difficult to store effectively and awkward to manage—sort, filter, chart, view, and interpret. We provide custom tools to analyze all forms of data, whether it lives in a database or on users desktops.

  • Design Consultation

    A new system or process can greatly benefit from careful design considerations near the start of the project. Our experience can help weed out costly bugs and other troubles down the road if applied early.